Writing an Application Essay College Application Essay

May 16, 2017

An application essay should be written in such a way that it tells the review committee that you stand well above the other applicants. It is just like a persuasive essay with the aim to persuade the admission committee in considering you the rightful candidate for an admission. Here are some points to consider while writing your admission essay:

  • Introduction of an Application essay is somewhat different from other essays. Apart from giving a little introduction of the topic, it consists of some interesting statements regarding the topic and the writer, such that the reviewers feel the need and develop the necessary interest to read the whole essay.
  • Follow the instructions and avoid straying away from instructions or the topic at any point.
  • There should be a smooth transition between an introduction and the body.
  • The reviewers may not have enough time for a boring and orthodox essay but will definitely consider an interesting and out of the box material.
  • The essay should be clear and concise with no element of confusion.
  • The essay should show your determination, desperation, ability, and even more importantly the real you.
  • If there is no restriction on the length of an essay and you are considering a little bit longer then convention essay then it should possess a magnetic property so as to keep the reader attached to the essay.
  • The voice should be powerful and commanding. Use ‘I’ wherever possible because the essay is all about you, your experience, your perception, your achievements etc.
  • Think out of the box and shape your essay in such a way that it proves to be awarding.
  • Save some time for the revision process.

These are just a few tips for writing an application essay. Still need assistance? Refer to College Essay Writing for help regarding your application essays.

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